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WELCOME to the Zebra3BLT
Starsky and Hutch
Fanfiction and Poetry
by The Cabrillo State Press.
So what's up with the name?

Glad you asked.  If you're a Starsky and Hutch fan, you know that "Zebra 3" is how the dispatch operator identified the partners.   In many police codes across the U.S. "Z" or "Zebra" was slated for detectives and / or detective sergeants, "A" or "Adam" for road patrol, "M" or "Mary" for motorcycle patrols, etc. 

The "BLT" has nothing to do with the sandwich.  Really.  The initials stand for the originators of this website and The Cabrillo State Press:  Brit, Linda B., and TibbieB, respectively. Since then, we've added another "B," The Blintz, and an "M," Madison, but we were too lazy to change the website name and adding more letters made it "BLTBM," and well, that would be just plain goofy.
Okay, so what about "The Cabrillo State Press" part?

Watch the episode "Murder Ward."  Cabrillo State is the name of the mental institution where the guys go undercover.  For us, it's kind of like the inmates taking over the asylum and beginning to write fanfic, hosting fan conventions, and publishing zines. 

This also leads me to thank our editor Barb D. for her gracious input and tireless work  to help make our pieces better. 
Just a note--there are some of our earlier stories on this website that Barb has not edited.  So if you see any typos--itt aint hur falt.

We'd also like to thank
you for the encouragement and feedback you've given us over the past ten-plus years.  At the bottom of each writer's story page you'll find an email link, so please keep those cards and letters coming!  (So sue us, we're not above shameless hints for feedback.)

We hope you enjoy our stories and poems--labors of love--celebrating the bond of friendship of Starsky and Hutch,
and between us all.

~ The Cabrillo State Press
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"The fiery red Torino fishtails to a halt..."
                   ~ Starsky,
Texas Longhorn

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